Axel Rudolphi premieres a new dance work

Rehearsal. Photo: Won Won Myeong

EV doctoral student Axel Rudolphi premieres a new dance work titled Pruvulazzu, in Ljusdal, Sweden, on November 7. Created by a collective of Italian and Swedish musicians and dancers under the direction of Korean choreographer Won Won Myeong, Pruvulazzu (‘dust’) takes its starting point in the island of Sicily, and in the modes of life offered by the island’s geological and cultural histories. Departing from the community-forming traditions of Mediterranean folk dances, the work is described as “a search for the smallest possible common dominator within the largest possible contact area”—be it the ashes of an organism, the volcanic soot stirred by a Sicilian pizzica or the dust on the streets of Ljusdal.

Mount Etna, Sicily, Italy. Photo: Won Won Myeong

Produced by support from Riksteatern, ATER: Associazione Teatrale Emilia-Romagna, Region Gävleborg, Ljusdals kommun, Konstnärsnämnden. Performed by: Axel Rudolphi, Livia Giaffreda, Roberta Megna. Tickets and more information available through:—dust/

Poster by Göta Svensson