Kristian Sandbekk Norsted


Kristian Sandbekk Norsted, doctoral student in Cultural Anthropology

Recognizing feminism as something that is taken for granted across broad domains, my research project intends to explore contemporary feminism as it unfolds on the interactional level among people who are self-identified feminists. Through an emphasis on performativity–the generative power of several kinds of practices–I hope to explore the discourses, ideas and actions that are implicated in the becoming of feminism in urban Sweden. Questions pertaining to central feminist concepts and themes, such as patriarchy and women’s vulnerability, are of a particular interest in this respect. What, for example, is patriarchy, and through which acts of interpretation, among other things, does it become a lived truth? Furthermore, by privileging the the Swedish capital Stockholm as my primary site for fieldwork, and limiting research neither to institutional settings nor interviewing, I retain the ambition to develop and contribute to an already existing but limited body of anthropological scholarship on Nordic majority culture. Ultimately, my objective is not to criticize feminism or anthropology so much as to sharpen both as genres of social criticism.

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