Karl Ekeman

Karl Ekeman, doctoral student in Rhetoric

Karl Ekeman, doctoral student in Rhetoric

I will study ideological and philosophical texts presented as central within the European New Right – a broad and loosely organized “meta-political” movement that seeks to change the conditions of modern politics primarily by changing the ideas that the political logic rests upon: to wage “a revolutionary war fought out on the level of world-views, ways of thinking, and culture.” Within this movement, the question of vulnerability is prominent, both in regard to the way the movement presents itself and in regard to the way the movement creates a narrative of contemporary Europe in which the European citizen and European culture finds itself in an historically vulnerable position – drawing on themes ranging from the threat of nihilism and loss of traditional values to the challenge of modern migration and the burden of liberalism as status quo.

My project will study these texts from a dramatistic perspective inspired by the thinking of Kenneth Burke. with special attention to the ways in which vulnerability is being mobilized and politicized in order to ascribe the New Right narrative both rhetorical pregnancy and – from a dramatistic perspective – rationality.

Contact information: karl.ekeman@littvet.uu.se

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