Mirko Pasquini

Mirko Pasquini

Mirko Pasquini, doctoral student in
Cultural Anthropology

The construction of the “improper user” in the Triage process of an Emergency Department in Northern Italy. 

The research project aims at addressing how some users of Emergency Departments are thought of as improper. In so doing, the ethnographic research will focus on the role of official and unofficial practices in defining appropriateness inside the Triage evaluation process (that is the sorting of patients according to the urgency of their need). I will rely on the description of everyday practice to foreground spaces of iteration and reinvention of the standard Triage process, unveiling daily affirmation and questioning of medical epistemology.

Furthermore, emergency wards are unique places of observation where fights between biomedical criteria and grassroots health needs literally explode, especially when emergent urban vulnerabilities, in particular due to the economic crisis, are bounded together into the same category of illegitimate users (homeless people, drugs addicts, migrants, disabled and lonely elderly people).

Through analyzing the dynamic entanglement of ploys, official practice and department material setting, I will address the daily negotiation of what constitutes an emergency inside the Emergency Department. Addressing this issue of access to treatment is fundamental to rethink vulnerability as capable of leading to social change, highlighting social injustice and advocating claims for a broader part of society.

Research questions:

  1. What is the role of ploys into the E.D. daily practice, and in the Triage process in particular?
  2. On what kind of basis are improper claims thought of as illegitimate inside the department?
  3. On the base of the previous findings, how do the department setting (care relations, outside inside interactions) is redefined through unofficial practice?

Contact information: mirko.pasquini@antro.uu.se

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