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Masters and Ph.D. course: Design Anthropology of Borders

While borders of different kinds seem to be everywhere, yet some borders are more visible than others due to their design; some perform heavier than others due to their distinctive material qualities; some are more lethal than others because of the way they perform; some borders operate not only to repress but to produce different sorts of subject, wealth and capital and they do so due to their specific design and materiality. 

In recent years, an emerging movement in social sciences and humanities, including anthropology, is taking place which calls for a greater attention towards objects, materials, infrastructures and their performative, spatial and temporal qualities that recognise and consequently generate a different form of politics. Similarly, scholars of migration and border studies have payed attention to the performativity and materiality of borders for instance through discussing technologically and materially designed apparatuses regulating mobility and migration.  Following such emergence, this experimental course by weaving two modes of inquiry aims to provide a space for thinking and discussing as well as intervening in how the materiality and performativity of borders operate and what they produce through their designs in different sites and moments.

This fall, from November to January, Mahmoud Keshavarz and Shahram Khosravi  will be giving a graduate course titled Design Anthropology of Borders at Uppsala University. Building on recent scholarship in anthropology of borders and design anthropology, this course aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice through multi-modal learning.

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If you are a doctoral student and wish to apply, please submit a short (no more than one page) description of your academic background + your CV. Applications and CV:s are sent to Mats Hyvönen at no later than October 8. Please note that there is only a limited number of seats in this course.
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