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Masters and Ph.D. course: Vulnerability and Human Rights

Photo by Tom Barrett at Unsplash

This fall, Professor Don Kulick will be giving a graduate course on Vulnerability and Human Rights at Uppsala University. The first session will be held on Friday September 7.

Vulnerability and human rights are intimately intertwined. Human rights advocates argue that rights must be extended to vulnerable populations, but what does vulnerability actually signify and entail? The idea of vulnerability is currently undergoing re-evaluation in philosophy, the social sciences and the humanities. From having been perceived as a condition from which subjects should be defended, rescued or liberated, vulnerability and passivity have increasingly come to be theorized as a position and experience that confronts us with the limits of understanding, empathy, ethics and theory. This course will discuss work that attempts to engage with vulnerability as a challenge that can guide us towards new ways of thinking about and engaging with the world.

Course Name: Vulnerability and Human Rights
Period: Fridays 10-12 pm, September 7 to October 16, fall term 2018
Level: Masters and Ph.D.
Course Syllabus (OBS, this is a new version published on September 5th): Click on this link to download the course syllabus


How to apply
Students who wish to apply must submit:

1.  A one-page essay telling us why you would like to attend this course
2.  A short description of your academic background

Applications are sent to Mats Hyvönen at no later than September 1.