Can a Person be Illegal? Refugees, Migrants and Citizenship in Europe, individual chapters

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  1. On the contributions
    Alexander Stagnell, Louise Schou Terkildsen & Mats Rosengren (eds.)
  2. On academic responsibility, chaos and borders
    Mats Rosengren
  3. Closure of meaning 
    Philippe Caumières
  4. Crisis and the Ill Logic of Fortress Europe
    Stathis Gourgouris
  5. Back to Byzantium
    Olof Heilo & Ingela Nilsson
  6. German For Newcomers
    Stine Marie Jacobsen, Mirella Galbiatti & Nastaran Tajeri-Foumani
  7. The Daoud Affair
    Jean Lassègue
  8. Borders of the Self, Borders of the State
    Anthony John Lappin
  9. Voices
    Cecilia Parsberg
  10. Philosophy Facing The European Crisis Of Migrants
    Emanuele Profumi
  11. “Little Mr. Satisfaction” (señorito satisfecho)
    Sharon Rider
  12. Inflatable Refugee
    Schellekens & Peleman
  13. On the contributors

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