Engaging Vulnerability Research Seminar

Uppsala University
Schedule, Fall 202

Time: Thursdays at 10.15-12.00
Venue: Campus Engelska parken, room ENG 3-2028
The seminars are conducted in English.
For more information and readings, contact mats.hyvonen@antro.uu.se
Links to previous seminar series are found here: https://www.engagingvulnerability.se/previous-seminar-series/

Thursday September 7, at 15–17, room 4-0019 (the EV seminar room), English Park Campus

Professor Steve Fuller presents his current playwriting project.

Philosophy as Dramaturgy

I have always believed that drama is the best medium for the development of thought, especially if the thinker wants to get others to participate in a line of reflection. In fact, as President of the Sociology and Social Policy division of the British Association for the Advancement of Science in 2008-9, I staged two plays, one of which received much publicity. It involvedAbraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin (both born 12 February 1809) returning to a 2009 chat show to discuss what they make of our times. I am now writing a play – hopefully to be staged for Kant’s 300th birthday in 2024 – that has a young Kant visit Linnaeus and Swedenborg in Uppsala in 1759. Read abstract

Thursday September 28, at 13.00–16, room 6-3025 (Rausingrummet), English Park Campus

Vida Sundseth Brenna presents her PhD dissertation draft, with the preliminary title  “Documents we live by. Writing, Reading, and Standardising Patient Records in Swedish Public Health Care 1946-1986”. External examiner: Dr. Alexa Geisthövel (Charité Berlin).  More info here: https://www.idehist.uu.se/calendar/event/?eventId=83130

Wednesday October 18, 10:00–12:00, room 4-0019, English Park campus

Engaging Vulnerability and Cultural Anthropology: 10 years of thematic cooperation

Download the invitation here

In honor of the legacy of 60 years of anthropology in Uppsala, four of the program’s
cultural anthropologists – two current PhD students and two graduates – will present their research. The session will illustrate the diversity of anthropology in Uppsala as well as the diversity of the EV program.
Chair and Introduction: Sverker Finnström, deputy research director, Engaging Vulnerability
Adelaida Caballero – Making congosá: Rumors as political participation in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea
Shen Qing – Radical but Unpolitical: Making ‘Red Classics’ Gay
Aliaksandra Shrubok – Maintaining life after postsocialism: Human-plant relations in the Belarusian countryside
Mirko Pasquini – Surviving Infodemia: Mistrust and Future in Primary Care after
COVID-19 in Italy

Wednesday November 1, 13.15–15, room 22-1009, English Park campus

Aske Stick presents a chapter form her ongoing dissertation project.

Tuesday November 28, at 14.15–16, room 4-2007, English Park campus

Ida Grönroos presents a chapter form her ongoing dissertation project.

Friday December 15, time and venue TBA

PhD defense: Karl Ekeman.

Opponent: Prof. Yannis Stavrakakis, School of Political Science,
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

English Park Campus – Centre for the humanities: http://www.engelskaparken.uu.se/?languageId=1