Maria Karlsson

Maria Karlsson

I am a Ph.D. in Literary Studies and a senior lecturer in Rhetoric at the Department of Literature, Uppsala University. Since my dissertation in 2002, which was a study on melodrama in novels by the Swedish writer Selma Lagerlöf (1858–1940), I have partly continued to work on bodies of material connected to Lagerlöf’s authorship. This has included text interpretation, editorial and text critical work (see www., and an extensive study of the unique letter collection of over 40 000 letters sent to Lagerlöf during 1891–1940. Most of these letters are from the public, many from the working classes and the poor, and they provide rare possibilities to investigate how “ordinary” people read and what impact a celebrity like Lagerlöf could have at the time. A substantial amount of the letters are charity letters where people beg Lagerlöf for money and other favors, and the book discusses how these people uses their vulnerability to persuade her. (See Lagerlöf’s Readers (2022),

Apart from last turn of the century writers, my main research areas are narration, audiences, popular culture, art in politics and media. For a number of years I worked as a researcher at The Centre for Gender Studies, Uppsala University. At the current I am head of the project “True crime on the air. The representation of crime, the law and the justice system in Swedish Public Service Radio’s P3 Documentary 2005–2020″ (funded by The Swedish Research Council 2021–2023). In true crime vulnerability is generative in a number of ways, not least in relation to how affects such as anxiety, fear, love and hate move the listener. A recently funded project, “The scandal syndrome – the aesthetics and politics of art scandals” (The Swedish Research Council 2023–2025), also centers around affects of different audiences, but also on the risk taking that is involved in creating and exhibiting provocative art.

My interest in vulnerability has so far been focused on recognition, asymmetries, affect and intimacy, as well as on how people make creative use of their vulnerability to gain benefits in specific rhetorical situations; e.g. begging from a famous writer in the beginning of the 20th ct. I mainly focus literature, art and media, and was coeditor of the book Vulnerability in Scandinavian Art and Media (Palgrave Macmillan 2020), that gathered 19 scholars from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. During the last years I have mostly taught courses on master/post graduate level. They have been on topics where theories of vulnerability play an important part – e.g. ecocriticism, narratives from precarious suburbs, gender/queer theory and interpretation, autofiction.

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Selected publications
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Textcritical edition of Novel
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