Engaging Vulnerability Research Seminar

Uppsala University
Schedule, Spring 202

Time: Thursdays at 10.15-12.00
Venue: Campus Engelska parken, room ENG 3-2028
The seminars are conducted in English.
For more information and readings, contact mats.hyvonen@antro.uu.se
Links to previous seminar series are found here: https://www.engagingvulnerability.se/previous-seminar-series/

Friday February 3, at 09.15, in room 6-1023 (Geijersalen), English Park Campus

PhD defense, Rikard Engblom: Time Warps – Refugees and the Experience of Waiting in Rural Sweden.

Thursday February 23, at 10.15–12, in room 3-2028, English Park Campus

Openness as Political Culture: The Liberalization of a Jordanian Desert Town

In this seminar, EV-researcher Arvid Lundberg presents his ongoing research on political liberalization in Jordan. Please contact Arvid for the reading.

Thursday March 9, at 13.15, in room IV, the University Main Building

PhD defense, Kasper Kristensen.

Thursday March 23, at 10.15–12, in room 3-2028, English Park Campus

Theme “Failure”, seminar 3 – Failure in Art 

In this seminar, we will explore what failure means in the realm of art, where doubt and experimentation hold an essential place. We will discuss five short texts from the anthology Failure, edited by curator Lisa Le Feuvre (Whitechapel: Documents of Contemporary Art series, MIT Press, 2010), that investigates the ways that artists have used and abused the idea of failure in their work.

Reading list:

  • “The Success and Failure of Picasso” by John Berger (1965)
  • “On John Baldessari” by Sarah Thornton (2008)
  • “Failures: Annika Ström” by Lotte Møller (2008)
  • “On Pearl Harbour (1971)”by Chris Burden (1990)
  • “Failure as a Form of Art” by Hans-Joakim Müller (2009)

About the EV Failure seminars
We live in a society obsessed with success, and our interest in the lives of successful people is seemingly insatiable. Everybody loves a winner, but we seem to be reluctant to even accept the fact that there also are losers. Narratives of failure are often being told in a way that either reveals that they were not really failures to begin with, or if they were, that they merely functioned as stepping stones towards even greater success and were “valuable lessons” the once-failed-now-successful are “grateful” to have learned.

With these seminars, we want to examine in what ways the concept of failure has been thought about by scholars, depicted by artists, and how it might be refocused into something more than the precursor of success.

Tuesday March 28, at 13.15–15, in room 22-1009, English Park Campus, and on Zoom

Half-time seminar, Meryem Saadi. Opponent: Christina Fredengren, Professor of Archaeology at Uppsala University. Please contact Meryem for a copy of the manuscript (the manuscript will be available one week before the seminar). For a Zoom link, contact Ann Orrghen at anna.orrghen@konstvet.uu.se.

Friday March 31, more info to follow

Alexander sallstedt’s final seminar. More info to follow.

Thursday April 20, at 10.15–12, in room 3-2028, English Park Campus

”Simplex society: an entropology”

Presenter: Professor Koen Stroeken, Ghent University: https://research.flw.ugent.be/en/koen.stroeken

Friday April 21, at 13.15, The Geijer Hall (6-1023), Campus English Park, Uppsala University

PhD defense, Adelaida Caballero. More info to follow. Faculty examiner is Professor Koen Stroeken, Ghent University: https://research.flw.ugent.be/en/koen.stroeken

Monday May 29, at English Park Campus – time and venue TBA

Final review of Leyla Belle Drake’s dissertation manuscript. Opponent: Professor Scott Laderman, University of Minnesota Duluth and SINAS Fulbright Chair in American Studies 2022/23. 

Monday June 12, at 13:15, English Park Campus, time and venue TBA

PhD defense, Carolien Hulshof. More info to follow.

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