Rikard Engblom


Rikard Engblom, doctoral student in Ethnology

During 2015 more than 160 000 where registered as asylum seeking refugees in Sweden, which is twice as many as in 2014. This increase represents major challenges to the Swedish authorities as well as to refugees, challenges that has to be dealt with. Historically, most of the refugees had been placed into urban areas. However, in 2015 small municipals received most refugees per capita, some of them as many as 100 refugees per 1000 inhabitants. What does it mean, for small municipalities on the Swedish countryside when relatively high numbers of refugees are being placed there? And what is it like to be a refugee in a village on these places? In my Ph.D. project, I will focus on the encounters and engagements between refugees and people in rural villages, seeing refugees not as a burden or as victims, but as a productive position that calls for the engagement of others.

Contact information: rikard.engblom@etnologi.uu.se