Publications (2015–)

Books and Edited Collections
ForthcomingmonographMahmoud Keshavarz & Shahram Khosravi. Seeing Like a Smuggler: Borders from Below. London: Pluto Press.
ForthcomingmonographMargareta Dancus, Mats Hyvönen & Maria Karlsson (eds.) Vulnerable Encounters Through Scandinavian Art and Culture. London and New York: Palgrave Macmillan.
ForthcomingmonographSharon Rider, Michael Peters, Mats Hyvönen & Tina Besley (eds.) World Class Universities: A Contested Concept. Singapore: Springer.
2019monographDon Kulick. A Death in the Rainforest: How a Language and a Way of Life Came to an End in Papua New Guinea. Chapel Hill, NC: Algonquin Books.
2019monographDon Kulick. A Grammar and Dictionary of Tayap: The Life and Death of a Papuan Language. Boston, MA: Mouton De Gruyter.
2018Mahmoud Keshavarz. The Design Politics of the Passport: Materiality, Immobility, and Dissent. London: Bloomsbury.
2018Michael A. Peters, Sharon Rider, Mats Hyvönen & Tina Besley (eds.) Post-Truth, Fake News: Viral Modernity & Higher Education. Singapore: Springer.
2017Maria Karlsson & Åse Hedemark (eds). Unga läser. Läsning, normer och demokrati [Young People Read. Reading, Norms and Democracy]. Möklinta: Gidlunds.
2015monographDon Kulick & Jens Rydström. Loneliness and its Opposite: Sex, Disability and the Ethics of Engagement. Durham and London: Duke University Press.
Special Issues
ForthcomingmonographE. Björgvinsson, N. de Genova, M. Keshavarz & T. Wulia (eds.) Art & Migration. Re-Making the World: Human Mobility, Border Violence, and Security Markets. Special Issue for PARSE Journal.
2018monographD. Abdullah, A. Ansari, E. Canli, M. Keshavarz, P. Kiem, P. Oliveira, L. Prado & T. Schultz (eds.) Decolonizing Design. Special Issue for Design and Culture, 10(1).
Articles and Book Chapters
ForthcomingSverker Finnström. Brokers and breakers of war stories in Acholiland, northern Uganda. Anthropology and Humanism, vol 45.
ForthcomingMats Hyvönen, Maria Karlsson & Madeleine Eriksson. The Politics of True Crime: Vulnerability and Murder in Swedish Public Service Radio’s P3 Documentary. In Vulnerable Encounters Through Scandinavian Art and Culture, edited by M. Dancus, M. Hyvönen & M. Karlsson. London and New York: Palgrave.
ForthcomingE. Björgvinsson & M. Keshavarz. Partitioning Vulnerabilities: On the Paradoxes of Participatory Design in the City of Malmö. In Vulnerable Encounters through Art and Media in Scandinavia, edited by M. Dancus, M. Hyvönen & M. Karlssson. London and New York: Palgrave McMillan.
ForthcomingMahmoud Keshavarz. A Technical Mode of Critique. Avery Shorts. Columbia Books on Architecture and the City.
ForthcomingMahmoud Keshavarz. Vulnerable Critical Makings: Migrant Smuggling by Boats and Border Transgression. In Design and Political Dissent: Spaces, Objects, Materiality, edited by J. Traganou. London: Routledge.
ForthcomingMahmoud Keshavarz. Citizenship. In Designing in Dark Times: An Arendtian Lexicon, edited by C. Dilnot, V. Tassinari & E. Staszowski. London: Bloomsbury.
ForthcomingSharon Rider. Högre utbildning som träning i uppmärksamhet. In Universitetet och filosofin, edited by A. Burman, M. Sa Cavalcante & S. Myreböe. Södertörn Studies in Philosophy.
In pressMahmoud Keshavarz. Violent Compassions: Humanitarian Design and the Politics of Borders. Design Issues.
In pressMahmoud Keshavarz & Amin Parsa. Targeted by Persuasion: Military Uniform and the Legal Matter of Killing in War. Law Text Culture. Vol 23.
In pressKasper Kristensen. Ruotsalaisessa korkeakoulupolitiikassa kuohuu: Laaja selvitys korkeakoulujen ohjaamisesta ja resurssienjaosta ehdottaa radikaaleja muutoksia. Tieteessä Tapahtuu, 6, 2019.
In pressDon Kulick. The sociolinguistics of responsibility. In Multilingualism and Linguistic Citizenship: education, narrative and episteme, edited by Q. Williams, A. Deumert & T. Milani. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.
In pressSharon Rider. Cosmopolitanism Begins at Home, or Knowing One’s Place. In Martha Nussbaum: Ancient Philosophy, Civic Education and Liberal Humanism, edited by A. Burman & S. Myreböe. Södertörn Studies in Intellectual and Cultural History.
2019Mahmoud Keshavarz & Christina Zetterlund. The Politics of Borders in the Emergence of Modern Swedish Craft. Journal of Modern Craft, 12(1), 13–24.
2019D. Abdullah, A. Ansari, E. Canli, M. Keshavaraz, M. Kiem, P. Oliveira, L. Prado & T. Schultz. A Manifesto for Decolonising Design. Journal for Future Studies, 23(3), 129–132.
2019Mahmoud Keshavarz. Sketch for a Theory of Design Politics. In Para-Platforms: On the Spatial Politics of the Right-Wing Populism, edited by M. Meissen & Z. Ritts. Berlin: Sternberg Press.
2019Don Kulick. The shames of men. Longreads, June.
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2018Karl Ekeman. On Gramscianism of the Right. Critique & Praxis, Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought.
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2018Mats Hyvönen. As a Matter of Fact: Journalism and Scholarship in the Post-truth Era. In Post-Truth, Fake News: Viral Modernity & Higher Education, edited by M. Peters, S. Rider, M. Hyvönen & T. Besley. Singapore: Springer, 121–132.
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2018Mahmoud Keshavarz & Eric Snodgrass. Orientations of Europe: Boats, the Mediterranean Sea and the Materialities of Contemporary Mobility Regimes. Borderlands e-Journal, 17(2), 1–27.
2018Mahmoud Keshavarz. The Violence of Humanitarian Design. In Design Philosophy Reader, edited by A-M. Willis. London: Bloomsbury, 120–127.
2018Mahmoud Keshavarz. Undesigning Borders: Urban Spaces of Borders and Counter-Practices of Looking. In Undesign: Critical Perspectives in the Intersection of Art and Design, edited by G. Coombs, G. Sade & A. Mcnamara. London: Routledge, 161–174.
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2018Kasper Kristensen. Tohtorikoulutettavat ja kollegiaalinen päätöksenteko: kokemuksia Uppsalasta (Doctoral Students and the Collegial Decision-Making – Experiences from Uppsala). Akatemian jalkaväki, 8/2018.
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2018Mirko Pasquini et al. Tra fiducia e sovraffollamento: il Triage di Pronto Soccorso” (Between trust and overcrowding: the triage assessment of the emergency room). Panorama della Sanità, 2/2018.
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