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Masters and Ph.D. course – Psychoanalysis 101: Freud & Lacan

This spring Professor Don Kulick and ENGAGING VULNERABILITY research fellow Elinor Hållén will be giving a graduate course titled Psychoanalysis 101: Freud & Lacan at Uppsala University. The first session will be held on Friday May 3.

The course will present an overview of psychoanalytic theory as it was formulated by Sigmund Freud and later modified and elaborated by Jacques Lacan. We will discuss the ways in which the theories developed by Freud and Lacan have relevance and weight outside purely therapeutic contexts, and how psychoanalytic concepts such as the unconscious, parapraxes, repression, disavowal, and the Imaginary/Symbolic/Real distinction may be helpful for scholars working in the social scientists and humanities.

Course name: Psychoanalysis 101: Freud & Lacan
Period: Fridays 9.30-12 pm, May 3 to May 29, spring term 2019
Level: Masters and Ph.D.
Course credits: 7,5
Course syllabus: Syllabus_Freud_Lacan-course

How to apply
Students who wish to apply must submit:

  1. A one-page essay telling us why you would like to attend this course
  2. A short (1-2 pages) description of your academic background

Applications are sent to Mats Hyvönen at no later than April 26.